Why obtain character references ?

Why obtain character references? – 6 June 2018

  • Chelsea Emery Latest News • 6 June, 2018

A character reference is a reference written on behalf of the accused to outline their character.
References may be written by friends, family, employers, teacher and psychologists etc.

These references may then be tendered in court for the judge or magistrate to further understand the character of the accused.

It is important to ensure that all referees are aware of the details of the current charges and the accused’s criminal history. It must be stated that the referee is aware of these details and is still happy to write the character reference.

Character references are beneficial to show, for example, an accused’s good work ethic, how the offence is seen as out of character by others, to show that the accused has displayed remorse for their actions and to show how the accused is respected by the community.

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