The Rise in e-Trials

The Rise in e-Trials – 8 June 2018

  • Chelsea Emery Latest News • 8 June, 2018

E-trials or electronic trials are fast becoming the preferred mode of conducting complex trials in Queensland.

It is recommended that an e-trial be considered when the number of relevant documents is likely to exceed 500.

E-trials allow for all documentary evidence to be scanned and uploaded to a fully text-searchable PDF document that is managed and viewed online throughout the trial. These trials are conducted in the same manner as a traditional paper-based trial except the documents are submitted and viewed electronically.

The benefits of e-trials are, but not limited to:

  1.  Allowing fast access to documents in court;
  2.  Allowing legal representatives 24-hour access to all relevant documents before and during a trial;
  3.  Significant reduction in paper use and photocopying.

E-trial documents are managed through the eCourtbook. The eCourtbook is a secure, user friendly website that enables the judge, barristers and solicitors to share, view and search documents 24 hours a day before and during a trial.

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