GPS Tracking Devices for Defendants on Bail

GPS Tracking Devices – 7 June 2018

  • Chelsea Emery Latest News • 7 June, 2018

Commencing on 31 March 2018 the court has the power to impose a condition on a bail undertaking requiring that person to wear a GPS tracking device.


The Bail (Domestic Violence) and Another Act Amendment Act 2017 was enacted to allow the court to impose a condition on any person requiring them to wear a GPS tracking device regardless of the offence.

The legislation provides that the decision to order that a person wear a GPS tracking device must be made after the decision to grant the person bail. This is because a Magistrate’s decision to grant a person bail cannot be influenced by the availability of this GPS tracking device condition.

These GPS tracking devices are defined as an electronic device capable of being worn, and not removed, by a person for the purpose of finding or monitoring the geographical location of the person. These tracking devices are also available in relation to parolees or prisoners subject to continuing supervision orders under the Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) legislation.

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