Changes to the Youth Criminal Justice System

Changes to the Youth Criminal Justice System – 5 June 2018

  • Chelsea Emery Latest News •C5  June, 2018

From 12 February 2018 new legislation was enacted to transition 17-year-old offenders into the youth criminal justice system and out of the adult system.

The Youth Justice and Other Legislation (Inclusion of 17-year-old Persons) Amendment Act 2016 commenced on the 12th day of February 2018.

Under this legislation 17-year-old offenders are now dealt with by the youth criminal justice system to maximise the potential of rehabilitation for young offenders.

The act entitles 17-year-old offenders to the same support that offenders aged 16 and under can access. These include legal advice and separate conditions for watch houses, appropriate interventions and access to a support person when being interviewed by Police. These changes also require 17-year-olds to be sentenced before the Children’s Court of Queensland rather than the Magistrates Court of Queensland

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